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Dear friends and co-creators,

If you would like to add your own Testimonial to this page please send it through E-mail to: rayna@raynatamarin.com Thank YOU so much! If you find something good in me, that means you find someone good in YOU! Thank YOU sweethearts, and remember it takes One to know One ;o)

~Your “Muse” Rayna

What you’ve lovingly said to me:

“The time that you spent to send me a detailed message is very much appreciated. Thank you πŸ™‚ The fact that you were so honest in your thoughts is apprecitated as well. At the time that I put [my myspace page] together which is over a year now, I was working with a voice coach and had some guidance from an Itunes agent with [name protected] productions who was pretty much walking me through step by step what I would need to do to produce my own album. My intention was … to promote myself and fund the whole production. Rayna you are very insightful and I really appreciate your thought process. I have allowed myself to be fearful for a long time whether its of sucess or failure I am not sure and it really doesn’t matter. I have a very successful career as a senior vice president of a private capital group and it takes so much of my time. That seems to always be my excuse as to why I have not taken ‘My show on the road’. I do have a ton of talent and if I really applied myself I know for a fact I could experience a considerable measure of success. And yet it always comes down to that inner fear doesn’t it. I really appreciated your comment on the famous being false idols. It sounds like you are a very spiritual person. I really liked hearing from you. I am thinking posistive thougthts and you made me smile. Thanks againg Rayna for reaching out. –L.”

“Hi Rayna,
Thank you SO SO much for your wonderful positive reply, I really appreciate it. Gosh the negative “warnings” I was getting from people was almost holding me back from heading to the States. I’m so delighted to that you have moved from Mass to Florida. I love to hear stories of people who did a big move like that since I’m afraid to make the big move. Could you tell me about your moving story please for a bit of inspiration? You seem to be doing very sucessfully there and doing exactly what you love. Your businesses are wonderful. Lots of love, C.”

“I’m very impressed with you, Rayna. You have a beautiful light about you, and I’m blessed to have you in my cirlce of friends…. I’m always here to help and support you in any way I can. Have a day as beautiful as you! Much love and many blessings, G.”

“Hi Rayna,
WOW! I must tell you I am very impressed by your outlook on life and how much you have ALREADY accomplished at such a young age. I can feel in your words that you are definitely “tapped in, tuned in, turned on”, as Abe would say… –G.”

“Thank you so much sweetie. Believe me, I have been re-reading things. πŸ™‚ I’m feeling a bit better already. Raw, emotional times……. –L.”

“U r a wonderful being Rayna…a great motivator and it works….. Love S.”

“Wow, This is powerful. It is hard to comprehend when there is so much initial hurt involved but these words ring true. As humans we can choose to process this information now and study it until it becomes our reality or wait a very long time to figure it out. Either way, these words and this direction is how it will always end up to have a peaceful joyful life. Speaking from the experience of taking the long hard two year road, I wish I would have had this guidance and forced myself to let it sink into my soul much earler but that was not my reality. SongDancer, may the Universe continue to work for you in the best light possible. Your words are clear and precise and true and hopefully your message will be received by all who want happiness and joy for themselves. –MJ.”

“ThatΒ΄s just brilliant!! And so true!! Thanks so much I really appreciate your insight, it was a very long time since someoneΒ΄s [words] touched me so much!! Thanks again!! Lots of love for you. –A.”

“Wonderfully deep and insightful [words] SongDancer. –A.”

“Wow SongDancer!! Thank you SO MUCH for your wisdom and loving words!! I understand exactly what you mean and I will apply that to myself straight away. I read relationship books sometimes and they often suggest ‘playing hard to get’ because it’s supposed to ‘keep the other person on their toes and not take you for granted’ so I get very confused about how to be or the right attitude to take so I don’t think I have been getting into the vibe of love and commitment much at all…. I fully understand what you saying and I really appreciate the time and effort you took to reply. Thank you again:) –M.”

“SongDancer: I’m standing up, clapping, saying, ‘BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVISSIMO!’ Well said. Thank you. –M.J.”

“Wow Song dancer amazing [reading]!! –A.”

“I’m excited to somehow draw out such a wonderfully expressive soul to share at such a deep level… [Your words are] really cool to hear. One day I would love to be able to express myself with as much clarity, heart and depth as you do. [Your words are] very inspring and come straight from a loving heart and wide open mind. Keep being more of you. You have an enlivening presence. Look forward to catching more of your wonderful wisdom observed into my reality… –S.”

For someone so young, where did you get all your wisdom? It’s great to have you here and to read your insights. I look forward to hearing more from you. –M.J.”

“Thank you Rayna- This made a lot of sense!! I will be contacting you in the near future for additional (paid) readings. Thanks again πŸ™‚ –M.”



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