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Moving like a speeding angel toward $200,000!!!!! November 6, 2009

Posted by raynatamarin in Money Abundance.
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I am re-posting this in my blog because I want more people to benefit from it. This is such a common wish. Hope this helps you….

Posed Wish:

“I am intending at least for $200,000. to manifest in my accounts, this indigo has to be free!

If I am truly supported by the universe, angels, I am intending to manifest a nest egg of money.
so I can quit my job, and be free. Free to work on other projects. I need a break.

a much needed break
I need to go on vacation

I need a massage everyday for awhile….

I don’t like to conform and go to work everyday, omgosh
you should see me some days, it is hard.

If I had one wish, it would be for money, so I can be free and concentrate on me for awhile
my body I neglected
my house
my organizaional skills…

If I had one wish,… if I ever needed time off, it is now”

My Answer:

Hello …..! Whatawish! I would like to help you by simply rewording what you have said in a way that would help you to move in that direction:

If I am truly supported by the universe and angels–and I do believe that not only am I supported but I am projecting the universe into it’s very existence and all that I perceive to be angelic, which is the only reality that there can be, and angels are my own projected representation of what I remember to be my true source– I am hereby intending to manifest from beyond my own mind: TRUE LOVE to be created by me, within my physical experience, in the form of physical dollars in the amount of $200,000, which I am so very thankful to appear to have and to utilize creatively. I know that this money, manifest, will come to me as quickly as I release all tension and neediness. I know that I am the master chooser of my existence and since I know that is it nothing more than my own “movie” which I am already watching from the non-place of my higher self, I know that I have already scripted my movie to now make this decision and therefore if I remain focused and relaxed, and because it is already done, I will receive it as planned. I am the abundance of God Source, and I created an energy universe which I have at my physical level perceived to be reality, however it is changing always, so how real can it be? Not very, and therefore it can’t really change me into something I am not, something so false as imperfection or lacking. I will relax knowing that the pressure is perceived and is not real.

My ever expanding list of ways in which I am already envisioning with every ounce of my being (and understanding that in reality I am immeasurable) the ways that I will/am/and have been already enjoying my timeless abundance:

1. I am free to work on whatever projects I so choose, when I choose. I am doing this always. Nothing I haven’t scripted has ever happened to me. I choose my paths whether or not I am doing so from a knowing place or not.

2. Relaxing and feeling peace. It’s what I do best and I am a natural at this. I am on a natural high because it is my natural state of being.

3. I am traveling to wherever I imagine and enjoying the new experiences at every moment. I travel in the mind to my imagined life here on my imagined planet. I know that there can not be a universe without mind entering into it as Quantum Physics explains. If I can travel to this lifetime to where I think I physically am right now in my mind, then my imagining alone will manifest my physical journey to any perceived place that I choose to make physically real for myself. After all, any “place” that I have only read about, or heard about, or seen pictures of, but never actually experienced physically, doesn’t truly exist for me unless I am presently focused there physically. Where else can I go but in my mind? I am a worldly traveler. I am EVERYWHERE. I am NO-PLACE. In reality I just AM. In my false reality I think I’ll go to Hawaii next.

4. A massage feels so wonderful and I enjoy the feeling it gives me although I already feel so wonderful and limber. Ahhhhhhhhh…..

5. I am an eternally free spirit and with my money I am able to act this out on the physical level.

6. My days are easy, breezy and carefree. So are my nights.

7. I focus wisely and time disappears while I am here, now, eternal.

8. I love and appreciate my body for what I have created it to be, and I know it is a temporary vessel which I care for while I am focused upon it. It is my own creation.

9. My home as my home for my body, is also of my creation and I realize and appreciate the fact that I can see it for what ever I want it to be. It will reflect only what I choose to see in it. It exist for and by me.

10. I am organized and skilled in arranging my virtual creations and my manifestations. I realize that the objects around me do not exist in any way that I do not perceive them to exist. I change my arrangement of physical forms and objects as I alter my perception of them. I am the owner of my outward projection. In addition and likewise, my brothers and sisters in form (including other people and beings) will also only reflect my vision of them to me, and so I see us all interacting as one. With only One to organize, it gets very easy! One is always in IT’s rightful place and in perfect order.

11. Time is but a fleeting unreality. For I am eternal and in Eternity there is only forever-ness. There is no-thing. Time and space are therefore of my own projection and I can choose to view it linearly when I feel it meets my current focus and I can turn it off afterward and just ‘be’. All is now. I understand that because I am presently focused physically, I am but dreaming that I am suspended in a time-zone, but it is only my dream. I am bound not. If I were to lose the sense of linear time all at once it would be more of a shock than I choose to experience and therefore I appreciate my linear structure until I release the idea altogether and experience it no longer. I know that the clock is but a myth made up by yours truly. Therefore I am no slave to time, I never have been, I never will be, because of course past and future tenses do not even exist in reality, and in the present there is only NOW.

12. I am freely enjoying my first deliberate $200,000 and I know my next will come that much faster as a result of my faith. In fact, multi-dimensionally, I am enjoying all of my $200,000’s at once because all is happening NOW. My “past” $200,000’s and my “future” $200,000’s are all NOW and are also therefore present. It is no big deal, there is no limit to me and no limit to what I manifest, there is no limit to my worth. I am worthy. I know that money, nor anything physical for that “matter”, could ever be the road to happiness or sadness. I am happy non-physically, and therefore I can be no other way physically, unless I forget that truth. Then I only shade the light temporarily, but the light is what remains when the shades fade. I choose to see only the light. My light. I AM that light. I experience only the light I AM non-physically. I translate that physically as abundance in all areas of my projected physical lifetime.

God Is.

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