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Man-Made Laws Are Mutable, Natural Laws Are Fixed August 29, 2012

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Rayna on cops and other law enforcement originally scribed on 8/22/12

“Generally speaking cops are…. human cop outs. Meaning, people who go through training or boot camps (just like the rest of the people who most of the country is misguided to believe are protecting them) in order to have their spirit broken and molded into a specific form for a specific purpose by a few specific people/groups.”

There are Laws and there are laws. The former is something you cannot avoid in this time/space reality that we are focused in here and now. The latter is a man-made product designed by a few elites who would like to see things work in their favor.

What are some examples of man-made laws? Just to name a few so you get the idea, think of traffic laws, trading laws, government laws, all things that fall under judgement of “right and wrong” concepts based on a need in a current society or civilization, etc.

What are some examples of Natural Laws that apply to the All? The Law of Oneness, Eternity, Potential, Intelligence and Life. (Potential and the simultaneous-collective of All that Is) The Umbrella of All-Law (sounds like Allah, yes?) and simultaneously No-Law (the name Nolan is said to mean well-known or famous, and isn’t the All, well with Wellness? Yes. And doesn’t the All Know All and All Knows only Itself? Yes. So It is famous to All there is, as All Knows All. Meanwhile the feminine Nola refers to fair or white shoulder, so think the white light of the Leading Edge.)

What are some examples of Natural Laws that apply to 3D and many other dimensions? Gravity, Biochemistry, Quantum Physics and Mechanics, Forced Energy (Life-Force), Death, Polarity, Cause and Effect, Law of Attraction, etc.

Which laws are the right laws to follow? While living in present state of society, wherever you reside on Earth, you are meant to obey man-made laws. These laws are easily broken and easily manipulated to suit the one breaking or enforcing said laws. These laws are followed by personal choice. The consequences will be based on mad-made laws, but will still ultimately be governed by Natural Law.

Therefore although man-made laws suit some situations and tend to muck up others, this is not necessarily always the right set of laws to follow. It must be a choice.

So the right laws to follow are those that one cannot espace from in this time/space reality. We cannot escape them because they are functioning in such a way that if they did not consistently play out as designed, then the entirety of perceived reality would be torn apart, altered, or be un-rendered and non-existent.

What makes someone “above the law”? This is having only to do with man-made law. Anyone who can obtain a position of perceived power within society can decree themselves or be declared above the law by their peers. So can you become one who is deemed above the law? Certainly if you are interested to become such an individual.

Can you ever become above Natural Law? No. The reason is because you are created by the Natural Laws and you can only exist as you see yourself, as you are now, by the essence of these Natural Laws. The Natural Laws co-create your version of reality as you exist and experience it, simultaneously. So you could not become one who is above these Natural Laws. Furthermore, the reason you cannot become someone who is above Natural Laws, is due to the manner in which these Natural Laws work. They are nothing like man-made laws. They are so far from man-made laws that man-made laws should not be called laws at all by comparison.

Man-made laws are suggestions which have no basis or meaning, and have nothing to do with anything Real. They are changing, have loop-holes and are at the mercy of those men in power, they are mutable because the mutate as needed. Meanwhile Natural Laws are fixed, meaning they do not give, bend or break because if they did, the Universe would end immediately as we know it.

So you are probably wondering if Natural Laws always apply to all of existence or rather just to the 3D perspective. There are   Natural Laws that apply to All, and there are Natural Laws that apply to only parts of the All. So if you wanted to live above a Natural Law, you might decide to become an inter-dimensional traveler and try to escape you known Natural Laws. But if you arrive at a place or non-place, where the Natural Law is not the same, then the Natural Law you meant to rise above would not exist there and so you would not be able to rise above it, as it wouldn’t apply to where you arrived. Therefore you cannot live above Natural Law. There is no reason at this time to try to do so because the Natural Laws co-create your reality and therefore they work for and with you always, and they never work against you.

Love and Light,




How To Lose a Friend (On Purpose, the Right Way) December 10, 2009

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I was asked a very interesting question recently. The woman said…

“How do I cut ties with a friend who has been a best friend of mine for about 5 years, but annoys me like crazy, and is simply bad for my health, but is a core member of my favorite group of friends and is a loyal customer of my business?”

My response:

Because you met people through that person doesn’t mean you need to remain knowing that person. You don’t “owe” them and they do not “own” you because of this. If you had to choose between him buying from you or putting up with all of this, which would you choose?

She replied:

I want him out. But he’s a great person, a great artist, but I just can’t be around him anymore.

My response:

If you are aware of the way we attract like vibrations, then you know Law of Attraction so this should come as no surprise. Everyone is a mirror. The things we most like and most dislike about others are usually qualities we share. If you can locate the part of you that is most like his good side and most like his not so good side, then you can begin to strengthen the good matching parts of yourself and let go of the parts that match the things you don’t like to see in him. Because of Law of Attraction and the Laws of Manifestation and the nature of reality, this will cause you to draw to you more of the qualities you like, and become free of those qualities you don’t want to encounter from anyone.

You may have outgrown him. Which means he seems more distant in now many ways–the ways in which you clash and are vibrating in different places. But he doesn’t seem distant enough for your taste in the physical sense yet because he yet lingers in your life experience. You see, he is going to fizzle away if you stick to growing your best qualities and letting the rest go. If he isn’t choosing to grow at the rate you are, and in the direction you are choosing to go, then that’s life and you’ll have to be at peace with him not being around. Would it be relatively easier to not call or text him anymore, or the like? If so, then you can just not take those actions. Following your bliss means doing what feels good and right for you. No one requires you to put bliss on the back burner at anytime, and if they do, then they were present in your life to teach you this lesson. So be grateful to them and you can let them go in peace.

She said:

In the past I have accidentally not called or communicated with him for a period of time and he would say “Why are you ignoring me?”and then at parties he starts being weird around me acting like we have to make up or something and says things like “You’re the best” and I just want to get away.

My response:

The best thing you can do is not be anything like him. Opposites do not attract, they only seek for and draw to them what they desire to become. You want to be something more and so leave out the rest and you’ll find only those like you, around you. The rest will be drawn away from you naturally. You never have to have “that talk” or “break up”. It will work out by design. Your design.

Moving like a speeding angel toward $200,000!!!!! November 6, 2009

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I am re-posting this in my blog because I want more people to benefit from it. This is such a common wish. Hope this helps you….

Posed Wish:

“I am intending at least for $200,000. to manifest in my accounts, this indigo has to be free!

If I am truly supported by the universe, angels, I am intending to manifest a nest egg of money.
so I can quit my job, and be free. Free to work on other projects. I need a break.

a much needed break
I need to go on vacation

I need a massage everyday for awhile….

I don’t like to conform and go to work everyday, omgosh
you should see me some days, it is hard.

If I had one wish, it would be for money, so I can be free and concentrate on me for awhile
my body I neglected
my house
my organizaional skills…

If I had one wish,… if I ever needed time off, it is now”

My Answer:

Hello …..! Whatawish! I would like to help you by simply rewording what you have said in a way that would help you to move in that direction:

If I am truly supported by the universe and angels–and I do believe that not only am I supported but I am projecting the universe into it’s very existence and all that I perceive to be angelic, which is the only reality that there can be, and angels are my own projected representation of what I remember to be my true source– I am hereby intending to manifest from beyond my own mind: TRUE LOVE to be created by me, within my physical experience, in the form of physical dollars in the amount of $200,000, which I am so very thankful to appear to have and to utilize creatively. I know that this money, manifest, will come to me as quickly as I release all tension and neediness. I know that I am the master chooser of my existence and since I know that is it nothing more than my own “movie” which I am already watching from the non-place of my higher self, I know that I have already scripted my movie to now make this decision and therefore if I remain focused and relaxed, and because it is already done, I will receive it as planned. I am the abundance of God Source, and I created an energy universe which I have at my physical level perceived to be reality, however it is changing always, so how real can it be? Not very, and therefore it can’t really change me into something I am not, something so false as imperfection or lacking. I will relax knowing that the pressure is perceived and is not real.

My ever expanding list of ways in which I am already envisioning with every ounce of my being (and understanding that in reality I am immeasurable) the ways that I will/am/and have been already enjoying my timeless abundance:

1. I am free to work on whatever projects I so choose, when I choose. I am doing this always. Nothing I haven’t scripted has ever happened to me. I choose my paths whether or not I am doing so from a knowing place or not.

2. Relaxing and feeling peace. It’s what I do best and I am a natural at this. I am on a natural high because it is my natural state of being.

3. I am traveling to wherever I imagine and enjoying the new experiences at every moment. I travel in the mind to my imagined life here on my imagined planet. I know that there can not be a universe without mind entering into it as Quantum Physics explains. If I can travel to this lifetime to where I think I physically am right now in my mind, then my imagining alone will manifest my physical journey to any perceived place that I choose to make physically real for myself. After all, any “place” that I have only read about, or heard about, or seen pictures of, but never actually experienced physically, doesn’t truly exist for me unless I am presently focused there physically. Where else can I go but in my mind? I am a worldly traveler. I am EVERYWHERE. I am NO-PLACE. In reality I just AM. In my false reality I think I’ll go to Hawaii next.

4. A massage feels so wonderful and I enjoy the feeling it gives me although I already feel so wonderful and limber. Ahhhhhhhhh…..

5. I am an eternally free spirit and with my money I am able to act this out on the physical level.

6. My days are easy, breezy and carefree. So are my nights.

7. I focus wisely and time disappears while I am here, now, eternal.

8. I love and appreciate my body for what I have created it to be, and I know it is a temporary vessel which I care for while I am focused upon it. It is my own creation.

9. My home as my home for my body, is also of my creation and I realize and appreciate the fact that I can see it for what ever I want it to be. It will reflect only what I choose to see in it. It exist for and by me.

10. I am organized and skilled in arranging my virtual creations and my manifestations. I realize that the objects around me do not exist in any way that I do not perceive them to exist. I change my arrangement of physical forms and objects as I alter my perception of them. I am the owner of my outward projection. In addition and likewise, my brothers and sisters in form (including other people and beings) will also only reflect my vision of them to me, and so I see us all interacting as one. With only One to organize, it gets very easy! One is always in IT’s rightful place and in perfect order.

11. Time is but a fleeting unreality. For I am eternal and in Eternity there is only forever-ness. There is no-thing. Time and space are therefore of my own projection and I can choose to view it linearly when I feel it meets my current focus and I can turn it off afterward and just ‘be’. All is now. I understand that because I am presently focused physically, I am but dreaming that I am suspended in a time-zone, but it is only my dream. I am bound not. If I were to lose the sense of linear time all at once it would be more of a shock than I choose to experience and therefore I appreciate my linear structure until I release the idea altogether and experience it no longer. I know that the clock is but a myth made up by yours truly. Therefore I am no slave to time, I never have been, I never will be, because of course past and future tenses do not even exist in reality, and in the present there is only NOW.

12. I am freely enjoying my first deliberate $200,000 and I know my next will come that much faster as a result of my faith. In fact, multi-dimensionally, I am enjoying all of my $200,000’s at once because all is happening NOW. My “past” $200,000’s and my “future” $200,000’s are all NOW and are also therefore present. It is no big deal, there is no limit to me and no limit to what I manifest, there is no limit to my worth. I am worthy. I know that money, nor anything physical for that “matter”, could ever be the road to happiness or sadness. I am happy non-physically, and therefore I can be no other way physically, unless I forget that truth. Then I only shade the light temporarily, but the light is what remains when the shades fade. I choose to see only the light. My light. I AM that light. I experience only the light I AM non-physically. I translate that physically as abundance in all areas of my projected physical lifetime.

God Is.

SongDancer — Rayna

Getting Back Your Old Love / Timing of LOA November 6, 2009

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Sometimes there are very general questions that I answer knowing that it may benefit another to view the response. This is a typical question. Please enjoy my response.

The question was:

“Can I use the LOA to get my love back? Can I use the law of attraction to attract a particular person to love me? How can I do that?..One thing I’m sure of now is that we’ll be together a again.When and How? I really don’t know.
Also, how can I use the law of attraction to get what i want to be done WHEN i want it to be done???
I just started with The Law Of Attraction two weeks ago, but I wanna learn it fast and master it fast.”

My response was:

Hello Dear Friend,

You have always used the Law of Attraction, or rather it has been working WITH you all along. You may have become aware of it and it’s function 2 weeks ago but you have already been “doing” it and using “it” unknowingly.

To get a lover back: Do you suppose that this lover and yourself, may not be a match? A “match” means being alike in vibration. If you have separated it is because you are not in the same place both literally and figuratively. In order to get someone to come to you, you must match their vibration. In order to match someone’s vibration you must either raise or lower your own vibration. If you come to find that you must lower your vibration in order to match someone else, it is NEVER worth it. You will be sacrificing everything (your purpose in life) and this is not a good idea. If this person is vibrating more positively than you, then surely raise your own vibration. This may not bring you the same exact person unless you become a mirror match (someone most alike you in vibration), but you will attract someone who is. This new match will be much more satisfying and pleasing to you whether you realize it at this moment or not.

If you want to make something happen at a certain time: One thing you can do is set a date in your prayer, notes, intention, spell…. however you are performing your offering of wanting to the universe or God, or whomever you believe to be the One. You must realize that the timing is not always going to be exact only because you would have to monitor too many things and that is not your job. Your job is to ASK. The result is: All is GIVEN in time. We live linearly, but all is happening NOW. When it happens it will also be NOW. Therefore you must line up with the ASKING not the TIMING. That means you must focus on what you are asking and be at one with that subject. Become it. Be certain of it’s coming and of it’s arrival. Do not doubt. Do not rely on the date because it will spawn doubt. Or if it doesn’t spawn a shred of doubt even in your sub conscious, there you have total control. This takes practice and ultimate belief and commitment. Once you are in alignment you are THERE. It is HERE. Either way you look at it, it’s the same thing. But in the Big Picture, YOU are going TO what you want vibrationally, it isn’t really coming to YOU. That’s right. It’s the other way around. Hence you come together. In perfect, ideal, absolute timing.

If you want more information, or help, please contact me. I do readings, create spells and affirmations and can assist you.

Your Muse,

How to Realistically Shift to HAPPY When You’re Really NOT Feeling It! November 6, 2009

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A great question, and my response to it. Enjoy.

The question was:

“I’m just wondering how do you just shift, to not care anymore..How do you just get happy when inside you were not..I know sometimes you get to a point when when things are not going as you would like and you kind of give up…but at that point you are so not in a happy place…how do you get in the happy place, when in reality your not in that place…? And I know we create our own reality, but sometimes it is hard to step outside the box and create and believe…”

My response was:


When you are feeling like it would be a lie to be happy when you truly see yourself, your situation, circumstance or environment as the opposite of happy, then it is a lie and you will shadow that shred of happiness with doubt. This is not the effective way of becoming truly happy. Do not console yourself. That is to say, you need not say things like “Well at least it’s not as bad as so-and-so has it”. This is not helping you nor your view of non-duality. You must know that you are simply attracting the unpleasant by what unpleasant thoughts you have racked up in the past and continue to feed through surrender. Surrender your problems to the universe, God, (or other namer here). Don’t surrender your power to your problems!!!

Karma is a good word for it too. We reap what we sow. So sow some seeds already! Plant a NEW crop. That’s it. Flowers and fruit will grow and overgrow your garden eventually. Everything changes and dies here in this world. Your problems will die as well, but so will your flowers if you do not feed them. Simply have the new flowers overgrow the weeds. But keep planting new flowers!!! Never stop planting new flowers!!! They will feed and grow larger inspired by the flowers who came before them. Just stop to smell them everyday. Sing to them. Give them plenty of sunshine! They will flower and you will find the fruits overflowing.

You will find yourself out of the weeds and standing in a lush garden. Cheers to you!!!

Your Muse,

Teaching LOA, Weight Loss, Smoking, Giant Walking Cupcakes!!!!! November 6, 2009

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There were some very interesting questions asked tonight on one of my networks!

Why is LOA not taught in schools, but we are taught about calories making us fat and how hard we have to work to burn them off? If we can use LOA, why do they sell us weight loss plans? If I create my reality, can I make smoking be good for me? If I can create anything I want, can I create a giant walking cupcake and see it actually walking down the street?

My Answers:
Here goes!!! 😀 This just in! LOA Not Taught In Schools, High Calorie Weight Loss, Smoking Health Benefits and Giant Walking Cupcakes! Did I forget anything? LOL! Actually these are great questions! Ok here are the answers:

Why are so many things taught while LOA isn’t
There are many people out there who are not in alignment with hearing about LOA. There are many people out there who believe that hard work equals results and money. So they come up with ingenious ways to perpetuate the concept of working hard (even working out!) and making money off of these concepts time and time again. They will tell you (or rather SELL you) the suggestion that you are too fat. Then they will ‘pound’ this idea into your head (and waist line) with crafty headlines, pictures of the ideal body vs. the “unattractive” contrast, and slick words to ‘butter you up’ to their ideals. They aim to perpetuate competition because they know of nothing else. When you believe you’re too fat, for example, because they have been ‘feeding’ you the suggestions, sometimes subliminally in thick, juicy words, they will then SELL you their solution to your PROBLEM. A perfect recipe for perpetual cycles of untruth. And when people buy into it, that’s the icing on the cake. So first off, many of those who are teaching others (schools, friends and parents) aren’t in alignment with knowing LOA and because they are not in alignment with knowing truth, they perpetuate outward thinking like blame, competition and the like. If they believe that that is how things work, then they aren’t in alignment with the idea of LOA. Everyone comes to the truth eventually and it is not anyone’s job to enlighten the entire world in any way shape or form. To force anyone to learn, do or be anything that they are not yet ready to accept, then you have war, religious extremists and in every other way, a pushing against. The truth is inside each of us and waits dormant until it is the answer to the RIGHT QUESTIONS.

How to eat what you want and look and feel great at the same time
Whatever you put in your mouth after condemning it as bad for you, is bad for you and will make you fat and unhealthy. Instead say grace or give thanks in your own way for the nutritious delight you are about to partake in the eating of. If we respect our food the way most animals do, then we will keep our natural body shape and weight. Whatever is natural for our bodies. There is no more or less beautiful weight and shape for a body. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone needs to look the same. Where you think you are beautiful, there are are beautiful.

Smoking is neutral until you say it is good or bad
It is so embedded in the collective human consciousness as a bad, harmful, deadly and maybe even an illegal(in some cases) thing to do, that it may be quite a bit of strength for one to determine this all to be wrong. Some people can easily throw out the notions of others. There are plenty of things we can change our minds about and our body follows suit. Our reality will change. Remember that it can change in unplanned ways, meaning, you may be introduced to a smoking substance that is good for you. Or it is by theory quite possible to change your own reaction to smoking, say, cigarettes. There would need to be no ounce of doubt in the mind of the smoker in order for this to come to pass. It’s possible, yes.

Giant walking cupcakes come to town
In truth this is possible and considered high magick. You would be dealing with Thoughtforms. This means creating from your mind a being who manifests as physical without being born in the traditional sense. Thoughtforms if not known how to deal with them, release them (send them back from whence they came) can become mischievous and malicious. This is a subject that is not dealt with by anyone other than very high priests, elders, witches, shamans, and others who are in a position to perform high magick. Not a light subject. Yes it is possible.

On another note you can make a mechanical giant walking cupcake. Envision it, draw up the blueprints and have it built. That’s also concept to manifestation.


Did I cover everything? ;o)
If you want further information, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Your Muse,

Let’s talk about 11:11 November 6, 2009

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Seeing 11:11 everywhere? Are like-numbers catching you attention? Are things just plain adding up? Maybe the old phrase “None of this adds up!”-a phrase of confusion… is history! Coming into a new understand? Is understanding calling to you to embrace it? Your numbers are adding up! Here are my thoughts:

My birthday is May 22 that’s 11+11! 11 and 22 are Master numbers.

I caught a forum tonight on the 11:11 phenomenon! I thought “LOL!!! That’s so funny!!!” I had/ have been seeing 11:11 consistently for quite some time and then while in the bookstore (my favorite haunt since I have a natural gift of bibliomancy) I saw a book spine that said “11:11” and I picked it up. It was all about the phenomenon. I didn’t read much because it wasn’t really getting to the point fast enough and so many other books were jumping off the shelf at me to give me messages. It was 11:11 that was the message, not the book itself. There is was again!

What I did get from the book was this: The concept of seeing and remembering 11:11 or repeating numbers is called “clustering” or “clumping” –maybe that’s not the right word, either way who cares what it’s called, really, if that word mattered I would have remembered it. Anyway the brain puts like things together in order to remember. We can only remember x amount of numbers at a time. So a number like 5678790154 is hard to remember. The brain prefers and can remember more easily, 567-879-0154. Because it’s grouped off.

Ok, so aside from that, the book said that those who see these numbers like 11:11, 2:22, 3:33 and etc… either note their present moment like a wake up call to become present within the moment…like an alarm clock reminder, reminding you to be in the here and now… while some people it comes as a warning, and they note something bad happens every time they see the numbers… or something good happens.

For me I always say “It’s 11:11 make a wish!” which is something I have been doing since I was a little child. I can’t remember who told me to practice this when I was a child… maybe it was an angel!

I think it means what you feel it is referring to. This is probably personal and also on a larger scale eternal. If it calls you into the moment, warns you, or reminds you to intend your wishes, then so be it. If it’s our brain remembering a pattern, then it still doesn’t negate these ideas. A pattern can be a reminder.

I have also noticed numbers adding up in patterned ways… such as the time and the temperature in my car along with street numbers. When I went to post this blog it said I had 11 posts. I was at a softball game last night and number 11 was standing in front of me. I could bore you with too many examples.

In numerology, numbers add up and mean things. They contain messages that you can learn to remember.

I have also learned of a way to use a clock for predictions. If the numbers are all alike it means a ‘yes’. If they don’t have any obvious pattern, it’s a ‘no’. If it is one minute to the hour it is a positive response meaning go ahead with your plans. If it is one minute past the hour, your plans should be rethought.

So what about so many people sharing this phenomenon? Some say it’s in our DNA-maybe it’s an upgrading or an awakening of something. Some say it’s surely angels. So many people see the same thing and are surprised to hear that so many others have the same experience.

On a large scale -or rather the smaller scale, we share a mind. So, in that sense, for many people to experience the same thing, it really doesn’t seem that peculiar… after all, we all experience this Earth and this life, do we not? And by LOA we attract more of the same. The faster it comes and the more frequent, we tend to notice.

Your Muse,

How To Recognize Your Soulmate When You See Them!! November 4, 2009

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How do you know when you meet the right person or your soulmate? What do people feel? It is like love at first sight?? I don´t believe I have ever had feel that feeling.. Did you know it when you saw the person for the first time? Did you know he/she was the one after you dated? How does it happen?? It is like in the movies??

My Answer:

The movies is always a tricky subject because movies have to have conflict in order to tell a story. When there is no conflict, then you feel what you are talking about wanting to feel. So I would say it is not like the movies.

There are many soulmates, in fact all people and all living things are soulmates because we are all One. The way you feel when you look at the person that best reflects the best you, is the one you are referring to. Remember that when you feel that light shining upon you and it warms your heart, makes you feel absolutely beautiful, and as though you could do no wrong, THEN you are looking into a positive mirror reflection of yourself within another person-or expressed as another person. This is the feeling you mean to discuss here. What you are actually feeling, seeing and understanding is the true image of what you know you really are. It is another shadow of the beauty and truth that you really are. It has nothing to do with the other person, as they could fall out of favor at any time. It is the feeling of God/Source/Truth/Eternity that you obtain a glimpse of when you wear those rose colored glasses. When someone showers you with love (true love, unconditional and unrestrained) then what you are feeling is the connection to your Source. You are in alignment with something that is closest to what you really are (without actually dying and “going there”). Likewise when you shower someone with unconditional love, then they feel the connection of Source through your aim. Like cupid’s arrow. You are both responsible for the transaction of this energy. So don’t look for that “person” who will introduce you to a certain feeling that you determine you lack without them. Look for your true Self and a person who will appear to feel as you are feeling, will in fact-appear to you in your life experience. This person will seem Heaven-sent. Why? Because technically you designed them in Heaven by reaching a Heaven-minded vibration and then attracting someone in like-vibration. Literally expressing your Self as a mirror image, in this case, as a mate.

Until you are connected to You, you will connect with people who are also disconnected from You. If someone seems “right” it is because you are “right”. You are getting matches all the time. How connected are you to You? To that extent, those you meet will be just that connected to you. (I am not speaking about separateness, I am speaking about alignment. We are all One whether in alignment or not with who/what we really are.)

For more information on love and relationships, readings, or any topic, feel free to contact me.

Your Muse,