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Let’s talk about 11:11 November 6, 2009

Posted by raynatamarin in Paranormal.
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Seeing 11:11 everywhere? Are like-numbers catching you attention? Are things just plain adding up? Maybe the old phrase “None of this adds up!”-a phrase of confusion… is history! Coming into a new understand? Is understanding calling to you to embrace it? Your numbers are adding up! Here are my thoughts:

My birthday is May 22 that’s 11+11! 11 and 22 are Master numbers.

I caught a forum tonight on the 11:11 phenomenon! I thought “LOL!!! That’s so funny!!!” I had/ have been seeing 11:11 consistently for quite some time and then while in the bookstore (my favorite haunt since I have a natural gift of bibliomancy) I saw a book spine that said “11:11” and I picked it up. It was all about the phenomenon. I didn’t read much because it wasn’t really getting to the point fast enough and so many other books were jumping off the shelf at me to give me messages. It was 11:11 that was the message, not the book itself. There is was again!

What I did get from the book was this: The concept of seeing and remembering 11:11 or repeating numbers is called “clustering” or “clumping” –maybe that’s not the right word, either way who cares what it’s called, really, if that word mattered I would have remembered it. Anyway the brain puts like things together in order to remember. We can only remember x amount of numbers at a time. So a number like 5678790154 is hard to remember. The brain prefers and can remember more easily, 567-879-0154. Because it’s grouped off.

Ok, so aside from that, the book said that those who see these numbers like 11:11, 2:22, 3:33 and etc… either note their present moment like a wake up call to become present within the moment…like an alarm clock reminder, reminding you to be in the here and now… while some people it comes as a warning, and they note something bad happens every time they see the numbers… or something good happens.

For me I always say “It’s 11:11 make a wish!” which is something I have been doing since I was a little child. I can’t remember who told me to practice this when I was a child… maybe it was an angel!

I think it means what you feel it is referring to. This is probably personal and also on a larger scale eternal. If it calls you into the moment, warns you, or reminds you to intend your wishes, then so be it. If it’s our brain remembering a pattern, then it still doesn’t negate these ideas. A pattern can be a reminder.

I have also noticed numbers adding up in patterned ways… such as the time and the temperature in my car along with street numbers. When I went to post this blog it said I had 11 posts. I was at a softball game last night and number 11 was standing in front of me. I could bore you with too many examples.

In numerology, numbers add up and mean things. They contain messages that you can learn to remember.

I have also learned of a way to use a clock for predictions. If the numbers are all alike it means a ‘yes’. If they don’t have any obvious pattern, it’s a ‘no’. If it is one minute to the hour it is a positive response meaning go ahead with your plans. If it is one minute past the hour, your plans should be rethought.

So what about so many people sharing this phenomenon? Some say it’s in our DNA-maybe it’s an upgrading or an awakening of something. Some say it’s surely angels. So many people see the same thing and are surprised to hear that so many others have the same experience.

On a large scale -or rather the smaller scale, we share a mind. So, in that sense, for many people to experience the same thing, it really doesn’t seem that peculiar… after all, we all experience this Earth and this life, do we not? And by LOA we attract more of the same. The faster it comes and the more frequent, we tend to notice.

Your Muse,