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It is Nervousness or Butterflies in your Stomach? Positive or Negative Emotion? November 6, 2009

Posted by raynatamarin in Feelings.
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Hey guys,

Have you considered the difference between butterflies in your stomach and nervousness? Which is worse? Probably neither. The moment that you label something as good or bad makes it have that power which you gave it. You said it is good so it is good for you. You said it is is bad so it is bad for you. Nothing is good or bad until you give it that energy and then continue to feed it the same energy so that it grows. So if you decide that you love that rush in whatever form it takes then you can call it good for you. If it makes you uncomfortable, chances are you’re going to dub it as bad for you. The moment that the very rush or high of going on stage is gone… who would remain in love with performing? Roller coasters would be out of business too.

Think about what it is that is making you resort to a feeling of nervousness. Is it impending danger? Is it not really dangerous at all? In that moment read your guidance and know what it is telling you. Instead of judging it, use it. Leave it label-less and it will be what it is.

Love and the thrills of life,