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“Through Rayna’s soulful readings one is able to gain awareness, inspiration, clarity, balance, and Divine Guidance with the help of the Spirit World, and the Source of what you really are. Through her channel abilities and Gifted Guidance, you will begin to finally uncover, reveal and understand what you didn’t know YOU really knew. Acting as a link, Muse, mediator and Medium on your Journey Path, Rayna appears before you in this moment. You ask her your questions and she will point out the way forward, ahead of you both, by bringing you ultimately into the present. From this moment of perpetual NOW, all past, present and future melt into One. The answers rise to the surface where they can be known and put into action, yet never can they disconnect from the deepest depths of eternity. Allow Miss Rayna to guide you gently Downstream.”

I’m Rayna and I am your personal Muse! I am a 3rd Generation Intuitive. I have many prominent natural psychic gifts. I research known spells for those requesting them and I write custom spells that work, including giving you both the instructions and I can even supply you with the tools or where to find them yourself. I write or record with music .mp3 meditations and affirmations custom to you. I create hand made wooden spirit boards and other useful crafts, so please tell me what you want me to make for you. I make custom crafts of all kinds, so do ask me if you would like a special gift basket or hard to find item or tool. I’ll either find it for you or make it for you. I provide Tarot Readings, Intuitive Guidance and Spiritual Counseling to everyone for any reason. I will never judge you. I will never ask you to pay money to “cure” you. I only charge for my services when I provide services.

I’m here to help you, if you’ll allow me. I offer E-mail Consulting and Online Chat. Choose Private Online Chat Counseling sessions and Readings using iChat, AIM, AOL IM, gmail IM, etc. (I use iChat which is compatible with many IM programs) or invite your friends for Group Online Chat Counseling sessions and Readings. I provide a transcript of all Chats via E-mail for those who can not save or print out the session themselves. E-mail rayna@raynatamarin.com to schedule.

My own mentors are my Higher Self through automatic writing, clairaudience, psychometry, clairsentience, clairolfaction, intuition and visions, my guides, and a wonderful Druidess Shaman as well as an Elder on my fiancee’s side of the family. But really…. I am you. We are one. Ego doth not separate indefinitely. Prices negotiable and I will work ON DONATION, which is my preference.

I have been referred to as a “Muse” because I leave inspiration in my wake. The little princess fairy queen of creativity that lands on the shoulder of man and inspires him to co-create by expressing Truth through him. But if he is not yet conscious, I leave my fairy dust on his shoulder and he’ll breathe it in, noticing it’s affect in due time. A speaker of Truth, the Gospel, the good word. I have discovered that I, like Esther Hicks with Abraham, can channel. I am a channel  for Truth/God/Source Energy/The Universe. I have been studying all paths in a solitary fashion, and working with my Shaman mentor. I can help with anything, because I accept the responsibility of having the clarity and vision. I just love to share my gifts. I feel it’s my purpose. To be a Muse. How can I help you today?



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