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How to Realistically Shift to HAPPY When You’re Really NOT Feeling It! November 6, 2009

Posted by raynatamarin in Feelings.
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A great question, and my response to it. Enjoy.

The question was:

“I’m just wondering how do you just shift, to not care anymore..How do you just get happy when inside you were not..I know sometimes you get to a point when when things are not going as you would like and you kind of give up…but at that point you are so not in a happy place…how do you get in the happy place, when in reality your not in that place…? And I know we create our own reality, but sometimes it is hard to step outside the box and create and believe…”

My response was:


When you are feeling like it would be a lie to be happy when you truly see yourself, your situation, circumstance or environment as the opposite of happy, then it is a lie and you will shadow that shred of happiness with doubt. This is not the effective way of becoming truly happy. Do not console yourself. That is to say, you need not say things like “Well at least it’s not as bad as so-and-so has it”. This is not helping you nor your view of non-duality. You must know that you are simply attracting the unpleasant by what unpleasant thoughts you have racked up in the past and continue to feed through surrender. Surrender your problems to the universe, God, (or other namer here). Don’t surrender your power to your problems!!!

Karma is a good word for it too. We reap what we sow. So sow some seeds already! Plant a NEW crop. That’s it. Flowers and fruit will grow and overgrow your garden eventually. Everything changes and dies here in this world. Your problems will die as well, but so will your flowers if you do not feed them. Simply have the new flowers overgrow the weeds. But keep planting new flowers!!! Never stop planting new flowers!!! They will feed and grow larger inspired by the flowers who came before them. Just stop to smell them everyday. Sing to them. Give them plenty of sunshine! They will flower and you will find the fruits overflowing.

You will find yourself out of the weeds and standing in a lush garden. Cheers to you!!!

Your Muse,



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