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Man-Made Laws Are Mutable, Natural Laws Are Fixed August 29, 2012

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Rayna on cops and other law enforcement originally scribed on 8/22/12

“Generally speaking cops are…. human cop outs. Meaning, people who go through training or boot camps (just like the rest of the people who most of the country is misguided to believe are protecting them) in order to have their spirit broken and molded into a specific form for a specific purpose by a few specific people/groups.”

There are Laws and there are laws. The former is something you cannot avoid in this time/space reality that we are focused in here and now. The latter is a man-made product designed by a few elites who would like to see things work in their favor.

What are some examples of man-made laws? Just to name a few so you get the idea, think of traffic laws, trading laws, government laws, all things that fall under judgement of “right and wrong” concepts based on a need in a current society or civilization, etc.

What are some examples of Natural Laws that apply to the All? The Law of Oneness, Eternity, Potential, Intelligence and Life. (Potential and the simultaneous-collective of All that Is) The Umbrella of All-Law (sounds like Allah, yes?) and simultaneously No-Law (the name Nolan is said to mean well-known or famous, and isn’t the All, well with Wellness? Yes. And doesn’t the All Know All and All Knows only Itself? Yes. So It is famous to All there is, as All Knows All. Meanwhile the feminine Nola refers to fair or white shoulder, so think the white light of the Leading Edge.)

What are some examples of Natural Laws that apply to 3D and many other dimensions? Gravity, Biochemistry, Quantum Physics and Mechanics, Forced Energy (Life-Force), Death, Polarity, Cause and Effect, Law of Attraction, etc.

Which laws are the right laws to follow? While living in present state of society, wherever you reside on Earth, you are meant to obey man-made laws. These laws are easily broken and easily manipulated to suit the one breaking or enforcing said laws. These laws are followed by personal choice. The consequences will be based on mad-made laws, but will still ultimately be governed by Natural Law.

Therefore although man-made laws suit some situations and tend to muck up others, this is not necessarily always the right set of laws to follow. It must be a choice.

So the right laws to follow are those that one cannot espace from in this time/space reality. We cannot escape them because they are functioning in such a way that if they did not consistently play out as designed, then the entirety of perceived reality would be torn apart, altered, or be un-rendered and non-existent.

What makes someone “above the law”? This is having only to do with man-made law. Anyone who can obtain a position of perceived power within society can decree themselves or be declared above the law by their peers. So can you become one who is deemed above the law? Certainly if you are interested to become such an individual.

Can you ever become above Natural Law? No. The reason is because you are created by the Natural Laws and you can only exist as you see yourself, as you are now, by the essence of these Natural Laws. The Natural Laws co-create your version of reality as you exist and experience it, simultaneously. So you could not become one who is above these Natural Laws. Furthermore, the reason you cannot become someone who is above Natural Laws, is due to the manner in which these Natural Laws work. They are nothing like man-made laws. They are so far from man-made laws that man-made laws should not be called laws at all by comparison.

Man-made laws are suggestions which have no basis or meaning, and have nothing to do with anything Real. They are changing, have loop-holes and are at the mercy of those men in power, they are mutable because the mutate as needed. Meanwhile Natural Laws are fixed, meaning they do not give, bend or break because if they did, the Universe would end immediately as we know it.

So you are probably wondering if Natural Laws always apply to all of existence or rather just to the 3D perspective. There are   Natural Laws that apply to All, and there are Natural Laws that apply to only parts of the All. So if you wanted to live above a Natural Law, you might decide to become an inter-dimensional traveler and try to escape you known Natural Laws. But if you arrive at a place or non-place, where the Natural Law is not the same, then the Natural Law you meant to rise above would not exist there and so you would not be able to rise above it, as it wouldn’t apply to where you arrived. Therefore you cannot live above Natural Law. There is no reason at this time to try to do so because the Natural Laws co-create your reality and therefore they work for and with you always, and they never work against you.

Love and Light,



How To Lose a Friend (On Purpose, the Right Way) December 10, 2009

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I was asked a very interesting question recently. The woman said…

“How do I cut ties with a friend who has been a best friend of mine for about 5 years, but annoys me like crazy, and is simply bad for my health, but is a core member of my favorite group of friends and is a loyal customer of my business?”

My response:

Because you met people through that person doesn’t mean you need to remain knowing that person. You don’t “owe” them and they do not “own” you because of this. If you had to choose between him buying from you or putting up with all of this, which would you choose?

She replied:

I want him out. But he’s a great person, a great artist, but I just can’t be around him anymore.

My response:

If you are aware of the way we attract like vibrations, then you know Law of Attraction so this should come as no surprise. Everyone is a mirror. The things we most like and most dislike about others are usually qualities we share. If you can locate the part of you that is most like his good side and most like his not so good side, then you can begin to strengthen the good matching parts of yourself and let go of the parts that match the things you don’t like to see in him. Because of Law of Attraction and the Laws of Manifestation and the nature of reality, this will cause you to draw to you more of the qualities you like, and become free of those qualities you don’t want to encounter from anyone.

You may have outgrown him. Which means he seems more distant in now many ways–the ways in which you clash and are vibrating in different places. But he doesn’t seem distant enough for your taste in the physical sense yet because he yet lingers in your life experience. You see, he is going to fizzle away if you stick to growing your best qualities and letting the rest go. If he isn’t choosing to grow at the rate you are, and in the direction you are choosing to go, then that’s life and you’ll have to be at peace with him not being around. Would it be relatively easier to not call or text him anymore, or the like? If so, then you can just not take those actions. Following your bliss means doing what feels good and right for you. No one requires you to put bliss on the back burner at anytime, and if they do, then they were present in your life to teach you this lesson. So be grateful to them and you can let them go in peace.

She said:

In the past I have accidentally not called or communicated with him for a period of time and he would say “Why are you ignoring me?”and then at parties he starts being weird around me acting like we have to make up or something and says things like “You’re the best” and I just want to get away.

My response:

The best thing you can do is not be anything like him. Opposites do not attract, they only seek for and draw to them what they desire to become. You want to be something more and so leave out the rest and you’ll find only those like you, around you. The rest will be drawn away from you naturally. You never have to have “that talk” or “break up”. It will work out by design. Your design.

DreamCatz: Marmalade (#2) December 1, 2009

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This piece is titled “DreamCatz: Marmalade”

by Rayna Tamarin

“DreamCatz: Marmalade” The second piece in my DreamCatz collection of virtually dyed cats! Kids love my candy colored cats! For anyone who loves quirky art. =^•x•^= Meowzah!

This is the second installment of my DreamCatz collection of colorfully hand colored cats. They have been virtually dyed, never for real. DreamCatz will become a series of art pieces made by myself in my spare time. They can be purchased as framed prints. Each will be signed by myself, the artist. The sizes of the prints vary depending on the original size of the piece (some can be enlarged and then printed, while some are shown ‘actual size’ only). These will be perfect gifts for children and lovers of fantasy and whimsy all around! Email me at rayna@raynatamarin.com to request your framed, signed print before Christmas and the Holidays. I’ll ship to anywhere in the world. Payment is through PayPal. Price: $45

DreamCatz: Bright Star (#1) November 25, 2009

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This piece is titled “DreamCatz: Bright Star” by Rayna Tamarin

“DreamCatz: Bright Star” The first piece in my DreamCatz collection of virtually dyed cats! Kids love my candy colored cats! For anyone who loves quirky art. =^•x•^= Meowzah!

This is the first installment of my DreamCatz collection of colorfully hand colored cats. They have been virtually dyed, never for real. DreamCatz will become a series of art pieces made by myself in my spare time. They can be purchased as framed prints. Each will be signed by myself, the artist. The sizes of the prints vary depending on the original size of the piece (some can be enlarged and then printed, while some are shown ‘actual size’ only). These will be perfect gifts for children and lovers of fantasy and whimsy all around! Email me at rayna@raynatamarin.com to request your framed, signed print before Christmas and the Holidays. I’ll ship to anywhere in the world. Payment is through PayPal. Price: $45

That’s What Friends Are For November 22, 2009

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Here is some information on the subject of friends.

I know friendship is a touchy subject in a world where people rely on other people in order to feel good about themselves. A lot of the time people want to know how they can determine whether their friends are ‘real’ or phony. In a world of illusion, what is real?

Well my friends, Love is real.

So what are friends for? Let’s talk about this.

I see how friends can become an important subject, however exactly where is the need to discuss friendship coming from? If this type of question haunts you, then we are at a level where we can now hear and better understand the role of a friend.

Why spend so much time and effort on other people in how they relate to and feel towards us? The only thing we need to look at when it comes to other people is how they mirror us, and in doing so, we are given clear guidance in order to navigate ourselves. Everyone we know, we have attracted and created from the inside out for us to experience ourselves through.

A “fair weather friend” is in alignment to us at that time. A “bad weather friend” is there because they are in alignment with us at that time. We never really have to go further than that because the rest is getting into details that are illusory.

When we ask, someone is there to answer. But we’ll only be able to experience from the place where we are emotionally, spiritually and mentally. So only people who are also where we are emotionally, spiritually and mentally will be heard and only to the extent that we allow ourselves to hear them. If you are having a bad day, then someone will come to you who is able to hear your down perspective. That means that that person must be at that down perspective as well otherwise they will have to lower or raise their perspective in order to hear you and provide a presence in your experience at that time. That person will never lift us up or bring us further down unless we are fully allowing their influence. No one can control our perspective but we may allow influence. It is best to remain clear and unaffected. We should never expect someone else to meet us at our level. There are plenty of other versions of the mirror who will reflect back to us exactly where we are. There is no need to force the issue or attempt to control the perspective or level of another person. It is us personally who must change if we want our friends to change.

In order to attract only fulfilling and satisfying feeling relationships, we must already be fulfilled and satisfied. We only share in the happiness and love that is our true nature. We do not create that happiness, although many of us do resist it from time to time. If we can purposefully live with a full allowing of fulfillment which is our true nature, only those who are fulfilled and satisfied will find us (or really be created by us). When we look into these friends a.k.a. mirrors we say, “They make me happy.” But they do not. They are merely reflecting back our already established happiness and together we share it.

Namaste. The God in me sees the God in you.

<3, Rayna (the Muse! ^_^)

How to Visualize in 3D to Manifest Anything You Desire November 19, 2009

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I am here to help YOU learn how to manifest on purpose. I wrote the eHow article “How to Visualize in 3D to Manifest Anything You Desire”. I am posting the link to it here so you can read it and then do the steps yourself. I share the eHow account Creativmode with my fiance Jorge. We each write and post all sorts of great helpful articles. Many more will be posted soon and continuously.

Here is the article link:

How to Visualize in 3D to Manifest Anything You Desire

How to Visualize in 3D to Manifest Anything You Desire

“Star-crossed” …is a new free web background! November 10, 2009

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This web site background is called “Star-crossed”. It’s free to use! Hope you like it!

(Right click choose “view image” so you can see the full image properly in your browser window, and then save it how you normally save images. Right click and choose “save image”.)

Your Muse,

The “Grateful Dead” November 9, 2009

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With Halloween past and Thanksgiving approaching this topic seems most appropriate. Halloween is the festival of the deal, a time for remembering with love, those who came before us. Thanksgiving is a time of appreciation and gratitude.

During a festival the purpose is celebration. This is the time of appreciation and gratitude. As your loved-ones who have passed looks on from non-physical, which do you think they would rather see: Your family happy to be remembering them so wonderfully and having a good time holding them in your thoughts and honoring them? Or looking sad and forgetting how to be happy. Which do you think? Which do you think those who have passed could come closer to and connect to? You must stay true to your happy nature.

A celebration, a festival, is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to remember and appreciate the cause for the celebration. If we are to feel bad about the cause of the celebration, we are only doing ourselves a strong disservice and we are not honoring our memories. There is no room for sadness. It has a place only to show you that you must get back to happy and that you have strayed from your path. But once you realize that it is very selfish to miss someone, then you will see how you are disconnecting yourself from where that spirit is. When you disconnect, you become very sad. That is your emotional guidance system telling you that you are going far in the wrong direction, away from your passed loved-one’s spirit. You can think about them, but thinking about how sad you are is not the same as thinking about them, and it is certainly not honoring them. Missing, or to miss, is feeling lack, missing something like a piece is gone and separate… as though something could ever possibly be separate and not whole. There is no reality of separateness. Your loved-one is there even after they have passed on, and the more sadness you feel, the further from them you feel you are. It is an illusion that you are not One. A delusion that you are missing a piece of you.

You say that you “can not believe he/she is gone” because he/she is not gone. In your heart you now this to be true. No one is gone because we in reality are all One. We can not separate.

To stop the celebrating will make it harder, don’t you think? How can you be in alignment with the spirit of celebration when you refuse to participate in the glory of it? Why not celebrate in happiness with your deceased loved-ones there, in spirit. Just because someone is not physical does not mean they do not exist. They do exist! God exists and expresses as all of us and through all of us. Our bodies are mere vessels. Beautiful they may be, but illusory vessels they are, meant to express Truth through it. The True Beauty. God IS. God is the Source and we are always with the source and we can not separate from our Source. When we live here physically we are more like asleep. God did not put us to sleep. God wants to wake us up! To wake us all up to remember we are One in God. We can live physically and know what we really are. How can this be sad? It is beautiful and exemplifies the beauty of how close your loved-one is to you.

Don’t push your loved-ones away with sadness. And yes you can push them, or anyone away with sadness. Look inside yourself for comfort and show the others how you’re deeply calm and happy. You will find others to be most comforting, then. When you are sad you attract sadness and sadness in others, likewise those who are happier will fall away from you. So bring them back with your design of happiness. Create it. Express God through you and celebrate. Be comforted and you’ll find others to become very comforting to you.

Moving like a speeding angel toward $200,000!!!!! November 6, 2009

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I am re-posting this in my blog because I want more people to benefit from it. This is such a common wish. Hope this helps you….

Posed Wish:

“I am intending at least for $200,000. to manifest in my accounts, this indigo has to be free!

If I am truly supported by the universe, angels, I am intending to manifest a nest egg of money.
so I can quit my job, and be free. Free to work on other projects. I need a break.

a much needed break
I need to go on vacation

I need a massage everyday for awhile….

I don’t like to conform and go to work everyday, omgosh
you should see me some days, it is hard.

If I had one wish, it would be for money, so I can be free and concentrate on me for awhile
my body I neglected
my house
my organizaional skills…

If I had one wish,… if I ever needed time off, it is now”

My Answer:

Hello …..! Whatawish! I would like to help you by simply rewording what you have said in a way that would help you to move in that direction:

If I am truly supported by the universe and angels–and I do believe that not only am I supported but I am projecting the universe into it’s very existence and all that I perceive to be angelic, which is the only reality that there can be, and angels are my own projected representation of what I remember to be my true source– I am hereby intending to manifest from beyond my own mind: TRUE LOVE to be created by me, within my physical experience, in the form of physical dollars in the amount of $200,000, which I am so very thankful to appear to have and to utilize creatively. I know that this money, manifest, will come to me as quickly as I release all tension and neediness. I know that I am the master chooser of my existence and since I know that is it nothing more than my own “movie” which I am already watching from the non-place of my higher self, I know that I have already scripted my movie to now make this decision and therefore if I remain focused and relaxed, and because it is already done, I will receive it as planned. I am the abundance of God Source, and I created an energy universe which I have at my physical level perceived to be reality, however it is changing always, so how real can it be? Not very, and therefore it can’t really change me into something I am not, something so false as imperfection or lacking. I will relax knowing that the pressure is perceived and is not real.

My ever expanding list of ways in which I am already envisioning with every ounce of my being (and understanding that in reality I am immeasurable) the ways that I will/am/and have been already enjoying my timeless abundance:

1. I am free to work on whatever projects I so choose, when I choose. I am doing this always. Nothing I haven’t scripted has ever happened to me. I choose my paths whether or not I am doing so from a knowing place or not.

2. Relaxing and feeling peace. It’s what I do best and I am a natural at this. I am on a natural high because it is my natural state of being.

3. I am traveling to wherever I imagine and enjoying the new experiences at every moment. I travel in the mind to my imagined life here on my imagined planet. I know that there can not be a universe without mind entering into it as Quantum Physics explains. If I can travel to this lifetime to where I think I physically am right now in my mind, then my imagining alone will manifest my physical journey to any perceived place that I choose to make physically real for myself. After all, any “place” that I have only read about, or heard about, or seen pictures of, but never actually experienced physically, doesn’t truly exist for me unless I am presently focused there physically. Where else can I go but in my mind? I am a worldly traveler. I am EVERYWHERE. I am NO-PLACE. In reality I just AM. In my false reality I think I’ll go to Hawaii next.

4. A massage feels so wonderful and I enjoy the feeling it gives me although I already feel so wonderful and limber. Ahhhhhhhhh…..

5. I am an eternally free spirit and with my money I am able to act this out on the physical level.

6. My days are easy, breezy and carefree. So are my nights.

7. I focus wisely and time disappears while I am here, now, eternal.

8. I love and appreciate my body for what I have created it to be, and I know it is a temporary vessel which I care for while I am focused upon it. It is my own creation.

9. My home as my home for my body, is also of my creation and I realize and appreciate the fact that I can see it for what ever I want it to be. It will reflect only what I choose to see in it. It exist for and by me.

10. I am organized and skilled in arranging my virtual creations and my manifestations. I realize that the objects around me do not exist in any way that I do not perceive them to exist. I change my arrangement of physical forms and objects as I alter my perception of them. I am the owner of my outward projection. In addition and likewise, my brothers and sisters in form (including other people and beings) will also only reflect my vision of them to me, and so I see us all interacting as one. With only One to organize, it gets very easy! One is always in IT’s rightful place and in perfect order.

11. Time is but a fleeting unreality. For I am eternal and in Eternity there is only forever-ness. There is no-thing. Time and space are therefore of my own projection and I can choose to view it linearly when I feel it meets my current focus and I can turn it off afterward and just ‘be’. All is now. I understand that because I am presently focused physically, I am but dreaming that I am suspended in a time-zone, but it is only my dream. I am bound not. If I were to lose the sense of linear time all at once it would be more of a shock than I choose to experience and therefore I appreciate my linear structure until I release the idea altogether and experience it no longer. I know that the clock is but a myth made up by yours truly. Therefore I am no slave to time, I never have been, I never will be, because of course past and future tenses do not even exist in reality, and in the present there is only NOW.

12. I am freely enjoying my first deliberate $200,000 and I know my next will come that much faster as a result of my faith. In fact, multi-dimensionally, I am enjoying all of my $200,000’s at once because all is happening NOW. My “past” $200,000’s and my “future” $200,000’s are all NOW and are also therefore present. It is no big deal, there is no limit to me and no limit to what I manifest, there is no limit to my worth. I am worthy. I know that money, nor anything physical for that “matter”, could ever be the road to happiness or sadness. I am happy non-physically, and therefore I can be no other way physically, unless I forget that truth. Then I only shade the light temporarily, but the light is what remains when the shades fade. I choose to see only the light. My light. I AM that light. I experience only the light I AM non-physically. I translate that physically as abundance in all areas of my projected physical lifetime.

God Is.

SongDancer — Rayna

My Own “So in Love” Web Page Background Art – Free to Share and Use!!! Have Fun with This One! November 6, 2009

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Hey friends!

Here is a neat “So in Love” web page background that I created and I am posting it here for free for you, and if you like it and want to use it, please do! (Right click choose “view image” so you can see the full image properly in your browser window, and then save it how you normally save images. Right click and choose “save image”.) If you want to use it but don’t know how to grab it from here, email me and I’ll email it to you. Please let me know if you need help -I don’t charge much to make it into a functioning site. But for those of you who know how to do it yourself, have a go! Thanks for accepting my gift and have fun! Let me know how you use it if you want to show me, I’d love to see!

Here it is and feel free to pass it around, it’s for sharing:

PS: Let me know if I can help you in any way, shape or form or…. formless!!!! I can, remember I am your Muse! ;oD

Your Muse and Princess of Creative Inspiration,
Tarot, LOA and other Readings, and Intuitive Guidance